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Minsk National Airport (IATA: MSQ, ICAO: UMMS), former name is Minsk-2, is the main international airport in Belarus, located 42 km (26 mi) to the east of the capital Minsk. The airport began operations in July 1982; the existing terminal was opened on March 28, 1989 and replaced the old Minsk-1 airport in the south of the city.

The airport has one runway of length of 3640 m and width of 60 m.

The airport hosts national Belarus airlines Belavia (passenger) and TransAVIAexport Airlines (cargo). Several foreign airlines provide service to Minsk airport.

The airport, which is capable of accommodating 5,8 million passengers a year, served more than 1 million passengers in 2009.

Transportation to & from airport

By public transport

The airport is served with "marshrutka", departing from Vostochnyi and Moskovskii bus stations, every 30 minutes. The journey takes 1h 20min.

The airport is also served by city bus, from the same stations. The takes about 1h 40min.

A taxi will cost about $30–$50 and the journey will take around 40 minutes.

Private charter buses (4 to 7 passenger seats) are also available for about $100.

By car

The airport is located 42 km (26 mi) east of Minsk, and is linked with the city with a toll-free highway.

Free parking is available in front of the terminal. Secure parking is also available for about $1/hour, $3/day.

Important Information for Passengers!


According to the Civil Aviation Security Regulations, you are not allowed to carry:

In your luggage:

- Explosives (Gunpowder, firework, signal flash, etc.);
- Flammables (Solvent, paint, thinner, lighter, etc.);
- Solid or liquid chemicals.

In your hand luggage:

- All items listed above;
- Sharp, Cutting, Sharp-pointed and Blunt-pointed articles (Sword, Axe, Knife, Corkscrew, Scissors, Nail File, Nail, etc.);
- Fire Guns (Pistol, rifle, etc.).

According to the Civil Aviation Security Regulations, you are allowed to:

• Have in your checked-in baggage  alcohol drinks, not more then 70% of alcohol contents, factory-made not more then 5L. per passenger;
• Carry in your hand luggage medication and diet items, including infant’s food to be used during flight with you; you may be asked to demonstrate approve of necessity of such items during your flight;
• Have in your hand luggage only a constricted quantity of liquid substances– not more then 100 ml. each and it should be placed into transparent plastic frequentative (with sticker zips) bags no more then 1 L. per passenger;
• Purchase liquids (drinks, perfumes) in the Airport airside shops (Duty Free) or on board of the Aircraft. In case they are sold in special packing, do not open them before they are checked for flight safety reason in the Security Control Points – otherwise they will be confiscated. In case you are flying via any European Union State Airports do not open the package before you reach the final destination point.
• All these substances and items can be taken in addition to the quantity (maximum 1 L.) that you already carry in your hand baggage.

In order to identify liquid substances while performing the control you should:
- Show all the liquids you have with you to be checked at the Aviation Security Control Points;
- Take off the jacket and/or coat – they are checked separately parallel to your check;
- Remove PC notebook and other large size electrical devices – they are also checked separately parallel to your personal check.

In case you have any questions in connection with the above mentioned rules, please address to your Air Company for consultation.


We advise you to solve all the questions concerning the drawing up of the entry and  departure documents in advance while planning your trip. Check the availability of valid passport and visa/other permit to enter the destination country. Check-in is performed only provided all these documents.

A private visit abroad for under-age children is available with the permit got from both of parents. A departure for treatment, rendering health consultation is available with the permit from one of the parents. For further information, please, apply to the passport office according to your place of residence.

In advance, look through the customs registration rules concerning goods, the carriage of excess and oversized baggage, animals and plants.


If you have any questions while you are at the airport you can apply for help to an information agent using a "Radio information" devices hung up all over the airport or by phone (+375 17) 279 13 00, (+375 17) 279 17 30.


Minsk Airport has the following equipment for physically challenged passengers:


     - a folding hand-driven wheeled chair AMWC18RAEL  with detachable armrests and adjustable footboard (USA);


     - an aviation wheel stretcher S-max (Great Britain). Stairs and thresholds won’t spoil your trip. The stretcher can independently run up and downstairs.


When booking and buying your ticket you are  recommended to inform the manager at the airlines sales office about the necessary assistance during the boarding and flight.


The airport hosts national Belarus airlines Belavia (passenger) and TransAVIAexport Airlines (cargo).



(+375 17) 220-25-55




(+375 17) 299 58 66







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